Dating antique copper pots AAA Publishing

Dating antique copper pots

Few things more readily evoke the cosy comforts of the cottage kitchen than the image of a burnished copper kettle singing and bubbling on a hob or range.

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Here's the ultimate, savory weeknight meal for your family. Most sources agree that copper was the first metal to be used by primitive man, sometime around 8, B.

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There are some complications, though. To attach the iron or brass handles to copper vessels rivets were used for making strong joints.

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Wide, low kettles were tried at the end of the 18th century. Odd shaped copper pot teapot Since tea was originally only for the wealthy, so were the first kettles, which were usually made of silver.

There will be a decorative element to the rivet plate, like a cartouche, spade-shape or double circles. You must use your judgement in cases like this. Copper does conduct heat and electricity well.

Collecting Antique Copper

Early copper kettles had all-metal handles, since some people still hung them copper a fire to boil. There will be a decorative dating to the rivet plate, like a cartouche as shown in the John Richardson example antique. The pots will suit the function of the piece.

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Silver tea kettles were elegant objects; silver is more easily shaped than copper; and being more expensive is always more elaborately decorated. It may not display this or other datings correctly. Tinning was not permanent. Look at the riveting.

Neither type caught on. The difference is quite striking when comparing dating site totally free modern copper pan with a 19th century hand-made one, which can often be a factor 3 or 4 heavier due to the thickness of the antique copper.

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The latter frequently had their initials placed in the pan. Latest Finds Large Dripping Pan with 3 legs.

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It'd be a shame to see it scrapped. Collecting Early Copper Kettles. That construction is generally quite old.

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Putting all these together you can come up with an approximate age. Log In or Sign Up to comment. It may have carried on a bit later in the Middle East. While wood handles were used in the 19th century, those cute copper pots and teapots with blue and white Delft handles were all made after World War II.

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As such, the handles were very long on pans and skillets. Its properties of heat conductivity make it the ideal material for domestic use.

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Your name or email address: Any help on origin, quality and value would be appreciated. Hammered copper versus modern sheet copper Hammer marks on a 19th century sauce pan. Finally, make sure that the kettle and the lid do, in fact, belong together. Given that most kitchenware is cilindrical in some shape or form, joints are required to bring the separate pieces of copper together.

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