Oven hook up electrical How to Connect the Power Cord for an Electric Range

Oven hook up electrical

Remove the screws holding the clamp halves together. No alteration is necessary. Step 3 for 3-Prong Cords.

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Insert the tab of the top half into the cord hole and fit the center of the clamp piece over the top of the cord. Ranges wired for 4-prong cords have four terminals: Install a strain-relief clamp to secure the cord to the back of the range. Never plug a loose cord into a range receptacle to see if it pof speed dating calgary. This is typically a two-piece clamp that requires assembly.

If necessary, alter the ground-to-neutral connection as needed, depending on the type of Alter the Ground Nigeria dating hookup, if Necessary Note the oven configuration on the terminal block. The hot terminals and speed dating london funky buddha wires are interchangeable.

Or, you may be able to fold the strap in half so that both of its holes fit onto the neutral terminal. There may be a hole about 1" in diameter in or near the cover; this is for the cord to pass through.

The installation steps for 3-prong and 4-prong cords are similar but include some key differences. There may or may not be a ground screw near the terminal blockā€”if present, this will be driven into the metal case of the appliance. Keep the strap or wire in a safe place in case you need to convert back to a 3-prong cord in the future. Loosen or remove the screw on the neutral center terminal and attach the center cord wire to the terminal, using the screw.

If there is a ground screw and it is not connected to the neutral terminal, follow the manufacturer's wiring diagram to make the proper ground-to-neutral connection. Make sure all controls on the range are OFF.

Continue to 6 of 7 below. Reinstall the Cover Plate Reinstall the cover plate or shroud over the wiring cavity to complete the installation. Electric Range Cords and Wiring. The ground connects to the separate ground wire in the cord. Attach the black cord wire to the hot terminal with the black wire.

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This connection grounds the body of the appliance through the neutral cord wire. For a 3-Prong Cord Insert the end of the 3-prong cord through the hole in the back panel of the range and position the cord so it is flat horizontal.

Continue to 5 of 7 below.

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This energizes the cord with volts and can deliver a potentially deadly shock if the cord ends contact you or touch together. There are three terminals in a line: If there is a hook screw and it is connected to the neutral center terminal with a metal strap or short wire, remove the strap or wire from the ground screw and the neutral terminal. This covers the cavity that houses the wiring terminal block of the range. Continue to 2 of 7 below.

You may want to squeeze the two halves together gently with pliers while installing the screws. Tighten all of the screws firmly.

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Continue to 4 of 7 below. Remove the screws or bolts securing the cover, using a screwdriver or nut driver, and remove the cover from the range.

Phillips screwdriver or nut driver or amp, UL-listed electric range cord Strain-relief clamp sized for a range cord Adjustable pliers optional.

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