Dating guys with acne Would you girls date a guy with severe acne?

Dating guys with acne, 11 stupid yahoo answers questions about dating someone with acne that’ll make you angry

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I hate my skin. I get pimples too so it's not like i'm gonna be an hypocrite and only date guys with good skin.

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In fact, I saw a guy I had a crush on with some bad skin and I thought it was kinda cute… Well. You have to be confident in your own skin and realize what a terrific person you are and what you bring to the world. Everyone has their own opinions, but it does not change the fact that even modern science has no absolute remedy for acne.

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I see this guy at my college every so often, he has severe acne, but I find him pretty darn hot. Just two weeks ago, my man and I rejoiced at the fact that my skin was finally clear.

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I endured acne on and off for 14 years. By nonski Started November 29, That is very true jayzon the more testosterone male hormone you have in your body the more acne you will have- not only is it a permanent disease, it is also of your genetic makeup, which you can't do anything about it.

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I have acne and it is because of too much testosterone. One of the most traumatizing effects of acne is how unattractive they make us feel.

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It withs a big difference when we just try to forget about it and act normal and confident, people just do not care! Ladies be honest would you date a guy who has severe acne on his face?

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One day, I was hopeful. Upload a picture of yourself and have your dating a guy who was engaged look the way it does, maybe dating. As acne as you love and take care of yourself, he'll love you back. This is a random question.

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They aren't truly loved ones then, are they? Anyways, I just wanna thank you so much Tracy, you and everyone on this blog are so encouraging!!! It didn't matter how late I stayed up or who I was with. By vangsweetie Started October 2.

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Having acne just before a big date can be very terrifying. Confidence is very attractive as well. Load More Related Articles.

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Did you edit your picture and hid guys, red marks, etc? Act like you're confident and brilliant because you are. Hey Flower yes that is the big thing — when you get an abusive person this all goes out the window. My dad had bad acne, but my mom never had it.

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Beyonce will play Nala in the Lion King remake! More in Your Life.

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Acne has this amazing power to make us feel really rubbish about ourselves. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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I also recall him telling me a story a long time ago about someone we had gone to high school with who had always had pretty severe acne.