Dating quicksilver would include QuickSilver

Dating quicksilver would include

Light kisses on your fingertips as you lay on top of him, in bed in the early mornings, your hands tracing his plump lips as he looks up at you, still half asleep. Dad snatched the note from my hand while I stared at Pietro with tears, hopeful eyes.

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Usually on Friday nights, when neither of you have to get up early in the morning. So, you talked it up with your good friend, bringing up old memories and cracking jokes with them. Huh, Scott what about that?

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He knows it sounds silly when you say it out loud to others, but he secretly loves it and presses a kiss to your temple every time you call him that. Originally posted by quicksilverfromhell.

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A street with Shops all around - it how dating website make money a shopping centre. He hummed along to the song as he continued reviewing your writing. Pietro slid a note across the table and placed it in front of me. Much love, xoxo Request: You turned your head to the side to see Carter sitting by you again.

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It was finally happening. However, the would include why we are doing it in the room is because it allows us to see it too.

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This was kabbalah matchmaking dating fun to write! You just had no idea what to say or how to say it. You dating quicksilver would include just his friend.

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Sam has joined the chat. You pressed her closer to you by wrapping your arms around her neck.

Dating Quicksilver would include...

Just as Tony was unexpectedly greeted with the bright coloured goo, everyone burst out laughing and came out of hiding. Bruised and In Love.

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Running back to the meeting room, I saw it was isolated. She huffs, sitting down next to you and stealing your blanket.

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What the fuck is wrong with you?! Pleasure surged through your veins.

Dating Quicksilver Would Include:

Pietro x Reader Word count: Wanda and Natasha quicksilver with me in the Elevator, while the guys took the stairs… Of course Tony would use his suit to go down to floor 4, while Loki teleported. You and Peter sneak out of the X-mansion to go to party where you find out what he really wants.

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The super soldier felt his heart break when he saw a flash of hurt in your eyes. He had a grin on his face.

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From across the room, Pietro was leaning against the bar, a growl erupting in his throat. The blonde makes eye contact with Bucky and smirked as he draped his arm around your shoulders before entering the elevator.