Dating four years not engaged Still Not Engaged After 4.5 Years… What Should I Do?

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Should you have not said anything at all?

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I am in my prime. I say this as a friend, but also as someone who's been married for almost 25 years. There is no intrinsic bottom dating agency to marriage, emotionally speaking - it's not the sort of thing I think is going to make my relationship feel different.

02. It’s important to understand his perspective.

Me too, and you too. You're hoping for marriage, but it sounds like your guy is definitely dragging his feet.

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Let me tell you, it felt amazing to achieve that sort of goal, together, early in our marriage. Bringing up this topic might start the trouble you were hoping to avoid. You are too concerned with your finanaces to buy a ring but you will put a down payment on a house??? For some men, a fear of commitment can be rooted in a past broken heart or an unstable family situation.

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I was blessed to find a trustworthy spell caster Dr. He waited too long to DO and found out too late that no, you cannot design and produce a ring within 2 weeks. When I was dating about getting married he should have been talking about how this would not work out.

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I know the feeling like you might not have hope anymore. What if one of you wants five kids and the other has a demanding career that keeps them away from home a lot?

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Yes, it is important to let a man know your views on what is acceptable. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Thanks for all the comfort that these posts have given me! Procrastination like this has manifested in other parts of our relationship.

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I am thinking that blaming it on me makes him feel that he gets the bonus points for 'wanting' to get married, all the while showing me little sign that he's actually interested or willing to go beyond talk.

I got along very well with his daughter, supported him through custody battles… May True, about 6 fours years before my husband proposed I was getting ancy that he wouldn't talk about it and confusing me by talking about rings so I asked him flat out where our relationship was going and told him I was scared that I was wasting my time. I am bitter, frustrated. But we got there by talking to death about everything.

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Jealousy is such an irrational and stupid thing. Is it a matter of wanting to get married but not yet, or never wanting to get married? It works the other way, too. Your advice will be immensely helpful in continuing the discussion.

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Do you love your dream of a wedding more than you love this man? I have seen so many women who are in 7 or 8 year long relationships or longer and they have never married. I cannot tell you whether moving in would be better or worse, because it depends on the individuals.

The same way we make all our other decisions. He obviously isnt ready to get married yet.

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There's the legal benefits, but day to day it should be life as normal. And i agree with Kelly above, that after we finally did have the logical, rational, and sometimes hard-funny-sad-embarrassing-goofy talk, we both felt better and so much more connected. On the one hand, I would definitely know by 5 years if I wanted marriage not dating ep 3 viki get married.

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He say I should be graduated, we should have a certain amount of money this that and the other.