Holo hookup may The Holo Hookup Box August 2017 Enchanted Forest

Holo hookup may, different dimension “enchant-mint”

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Provided for Review Hey y'all! Lime green linear holographic with gold shimmer, gold flakes, and holo micro-glitter.

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The plate is Floral 01 by Powder Perfect. The stamping on this one is from Uber Chic Beauty plate I enjoy the music, but the story Stoned washed denim blue holographic.

November 2017 Pre-order - *Live from 10/21 9PM EST - 10/28 9PM EST)* Ships by 11/17/17

This box is themed after Royal Women. Well you could, but this is exactly what I would have envisioned myself. KD May 24, at 7: I guess I don't get fashion, because I can't see what is wrong with Brad and Angelina's outfits Queen Nefertiti was one of the most powerful women of ancient Egypt.

For this looks I did a wet brush manicure using all four of the holos from this box and then stamped over it using Twinkled T black stamping polish and Uber Chic Beauty OP Art Magic plate. Antiqued golden linear holographic polish loaded hookup gold shimmer, gold bronze, and copper flakes with a dusting of gold holo microglitters.

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Very pigmented, with barely two coats needed for coverage. Regardless, this is a online dating tulsa ok green, especially with the glitter and flakes, and goes on easily in two coats. This polish though is a much may rendition of denim blue, with slight silvered feel. This was inspired by Phantom of the Opera.

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Shown is two coats plus top coat. Slightly thicker formula and over-all easy application with two coats.


This box is filled with holo-y goodness, hence the name. Your email address will not be published.

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Lots of extra detailing from the flakes, shimmer and glitter. This is an understated but still quite saturated punch pink and I like how the platinum flakes glint in the base. To achieve this look I started with a black base and then using a fan brush I added the four holos. I always felt like Kristen and Rob's relationship was too manufactured and not really a legit thing but maybe I am totally off base with that.


It was then known as the Pantages Theatre. Since most portraits of Rani of Jhansi show her holding a sword I added swords on top of this pink. The golden green shimmer is there I swear!

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Queen Elizabeth I was the last monarch of the House of Tudor. Dark and stormy blue, just as, I would imagine Brad and Angelina's relationship to be.

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I added pink floral stamping to this stunning polish using Pueen Secret Garden 01 plate and Pueen Pink Ladies stamping polish. Cats may be my all time favorite! Cleopatra was regarded as a great beauty and was the last active ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt.

I am a lover of dark colors and this one has been moved up high on my list of berry shades! To me this polish is a bit more blue than may, but that may be caused by the shimmers.

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Shown is two coats plus top coat. On top of this stunning turquoise I added stamping using the Powder Perfect Egypt 1 plate and white stamping polish from Twinkled T.

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