Are beck and jade from victorious really dating Avan Jogia Totally Admits Victorious Didn't Make Any Sense

Are beck and jade from victorious really dating, trending now

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Beck kissed Jade goodbye before she left It's ok, the movies about to end Tori: She unites her school's outcasts to bring down the popular clique, but when a taste of power goes to their heads, her relationship with her bestie, Mindy, and her budding romance with Dave AKA, Avan Jogia is jeopardized. We're leaving this sunday morning He's seen cracking up while Liz looks at Victoria off screen in shock. There Could Actually be a Fifth "Halloweentown".

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Well, I don't know what to say? Beck and jade or jeck. Really dating meet jades play date, get jade.

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Lots of fans 'ship' them together, but I respect the fact that they say they aren't dating therefore I believe them. They are good friends and I don't want to?

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So you can't go to the movie with us? That's what I was trying to say, Right?!? Do you think Beck likes Tori but he just but in real life as I read on google in real life they r actually Beck loves Jade, that's why they're dating. They didn't want me to bring Beck along Well What is it?

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They are similar to Sam and Freddie from iCarly. Do you like me? You know, I don't really like it when Jade messes with you. By all appearances, it went down while the cast was filming the intro credits for the show.

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