Dating rs prussia marks Remarkable Porcelain: R.S. Prussia

Dating rs prussia marks, wares made by reinhold schlegelmilch's german factory

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Instead, you find two fine cocentric rings, a larger molded circle, and sometimes another fine ring about 1 inch from sending first online dating message edge or wherever the blown out decorations on the edge smooth out into the main surface of the plate.

This makes no sense once you think it through. The mold and decor are unknown, but it has a partial porcelain mark. Prussia Green Mark R.

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Of course you could also encounter a piece where both a new mark as well as a new decoration has been applied. Prussia pieces have appreciated handsomely since the s when folks really started taking notice of these pieces. As to why some porcelain made after is unmarked provides ongoing fodder for debate among porcelain collectors.

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This is a harsh dating rs prussia marks, but I stand behind it percent. If you believe the object is RS Prussia, then you have to continue searching for the matching mold or contact an RS Prussia expert.

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This wide price difference has lead to the widespread forging, copying and reproduction of marks. Is it the correct mark on the correct dating rs prussia marks with the correct decoration?

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Probably today's most desired pieces are those marked RS Prussia. Most of the text has been made obsolete by the recent research of Gaston, Capers and Hartwich. It has about pieces photographed plus a separate chapter on fake blanks, molds and switching transfers. There are several categories of new marks.

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Differentiating RS Prussia molds from others becomes quite obvious once you get the hang of mold matching. The basic authentic RS marks, the so-called wreath marks, and when they were used are shown in Fig.

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So, when you dating a male leo idiocy like this, remember "UFO" and steer clear of any temptation to bid. Credit card orders call Prussia mold A 9 from around The first three groups are generally small scale do-it-yourself home projects or hired out to china studios or "restoration" artists.

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While signed pieces generally hold more value, especially with common floral pieces, unsigned RSP decorated with portraits and other highly desirable motifs still bring high prices. Translucent means that light will pass through it. These examples are part of an ongoing research project, the results of which I hope to publish in a few years.


If the object is translucent porcelain, you will see the moving shadow. The decoration combines a castle scene and a hand painted outline transfer floral design. Tielsch's bar mark is nearly identical in thickness, length, and position as that used by RS Prussia.

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PR-7 Red and green hand painted forgery, ca.