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If you mount the transmission cooler behind the radiator or between the radiator and air conditioning condenser, a more efficient cooler is required to provide the most efficient cooling. You can use the fitguide to determine whether a vehicle can use a custom fitting.

1. How does a cooler function?

This style of cooler works well but is the least efficient type of cooler that we carry. This is why transmission coolers are listed in the fitguide on our website. So when installing more than one cooler its advised to put them in parallel with each other, This means one line from the trans is split with a Y and one line run to each cooler then out of each and into a Y back to a single line running to the trans.

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You should hook up all of the proper inlet and outlet hoses between the cooler and the transmission -- after all, that's how the transmission cooler delivers the cooled fluid to the transmission.

Fuel line will not work and will break down in transmission fluid. Making Brake Application Less Hard.

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Transmission coolers are typically square-shaped and thin, so they can easily attach in between other components. As long as it is properly installed, a transmission cooler will not affect a factory transmission. I did a test once with two coolers in parallel one round tube and one flat with a laser thermometer to determine this.

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Short Shift Kits for your Volkswagen. Last edited by adtkart; at Derale Series Stacked Plate. Aluminum fins are attached to the outside of the tube and, since aluminum dissipates heat quickly, the heat from the fluid is absorbed dating sites il the aluminum, moves out to the fins, funny dating site profile examples is then carried away from the cooler by the air flowing through the fins on the outside of the cooler.

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Gary Tarpon Springs, FL. Second base dating stories Coolers With Fans. It's also a good idea to cooler hook up sure you keep the hoses away from any hot or moving parts. Tips and Advice on So what factors contribute to an overheating transmission?

Types of Transmission Coolers

Originally posted by Crosley If the tranny fluid does not get hot cooler hook up to boil out the condensationit can build up inside the tranny. Voted by customers, confirmed by experts. Coil Springs in a Suspension System. The Lincoln Navigator in Detail. We carry some dual-function coolers. An automatic transmission cooler is rated by the gross vehicle weight, or GVWand range anywhere from ratings of 10, pounds to 30, pounds and up.