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How to avoid dating in high school, your intimacy levels will be measured using sports terminology.

However, with everything there is always the exception. Why do seniors date freshman in high school?

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I totally agree, if I would have thought this way. I would have loved to have your type of peer leadership as an example when I was your age. May 5, 7: If you were in a relationship and spending all your free time with bae, you might not have time for all the awesomesauce that's currently in your life.

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More than the lunch menu. Let it be encouraging and affirming. That being said we did date for a long time.

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The nice thing is that speech kids tend to be quality kids, really nice and high achieving, willing to help people, a sense of humour, in touch with their emotions, and almost always courteous at least at speech! I never got involved in that drama, thank goodness. Kaye on February 25, at Boy, I wish I had this kind of clear thinking when I was in high school.

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Another great resource for chastity is: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: They were all very involved in youth group and my husband and I were blessed to be youth leaders there as well. Now they have been togeather for almost three years.

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I wasted a lot of time dating and if I could go back I would focus on my friends and school work. But friendship is too.

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Back then, I would have done almost anything for someone and would have made them a top priority. Julie on February 25, at We had such a great time as couples and everything was innocent, as I was a nice girl and my dates respected me. Mary in VA on January 16, at 9: It shows great restraint and I think it can make you even closer.

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These policies are in place to help discussion remain safe and organized! Both of my kids waited to date until they were in college. Thanks for stopping by!

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