3 Ways To Fancy Up And Implement Discount Grosgrain Ribbon Into Your Outdoor Wedding Decor

Walk into your favorite craft supply store and there is a pretty good chance that you will find at least a few rolls of grosgrain ribbon on clearance. There are so many different types of this thick-ribbed ribbon that stores are always finding a few that need to be cleared out to make way for more popular designs. If you are in the process of making centerpieces, chair covers, and other outdoor wedding decor, you should go ahead and grab a few rolls of ribbon, even if they are not completely your color. This ribbon is simple to alter, fun to play with if you like to be crafty, and can be used for a lot of different things at an outdoor venue. 

Embellished Ribbon Edging for Your Table Cloths

If you have to have seating at the wedding reception for a bunch of guests, you could easily end up needing a lot of tablecloths. To spend a lot of money for fancy tablecloths when you need so many is not really logical. However, you can use wider grosgrain ribbon to embellish plain table cloths that you can find at just about any dollar store. You may not think of using the cheaper tablecloths normally, as they are lightweight, quick to slide off the table, and very plain. By adding a little heft around the perimeters of the tablecloth, it will be more apt to stay in place — especially in outdoor settings.

Attach your discount ribbon around the edge of the table cloth with hot glue. If the color is not quite right, simply add the ribbon to the underside where it will not be visible. For an even heavier weight, attach heavy beads or other embellishments to the ribbon.

Fancied Tie-Downs for Flowers and Other Wedding Decor

When your wedding is taking place outdoors, you have to consider how the wind will affect your decorations. Anything from flower arrangements to placeholders in the seats can be blown away if they are not tied down. If you happen to find a bunch of grosgrain ribbon in white or a matching wedding shade, go ahead and grab it. You will be surprised how many uses you find for the stuff later on when you are decorating the outdoor wedding venue. Make the ribbon a little more wedding-worthy by adding a touch of sparkle with spray glitter, or just leave it be if you like the simple look. 

Before you walk past that bargain bin of grosgrain ribbon at the craft store, make sure you take some time to consider how many different things it could be used for at your outdoor wedding. With so many different sizes, styles, and designs, you are sure to find many different uses and be glad you took advantage of the sale.

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