3 Great Bonuses To Include When Offering Private Guitar Lessons

Going to any music store or concert hall, you’re guaranteed to see dozens of ads for guitar lessons, and they seem to always offer the exact same things: flexible timing, inexpensive lessons, and an experienced teacher. If you already have all of these advantages, you’ve only broken even with your competitors in many markets. It is for this reason that you need to do something that will set you apart from the pack, which will lead to more students and maybe even higher rates. Here are three add-ons that are easy to include with a guitar tutoring package. 

Video Lesson Add-Ons

While you may already offer your students flexible hours, being able to offer a DVD summarizing the day’s lesson can be a very convenient incentive for your students. Recording an extra tip or trick along with the major points of the day’s lesson will give you a way to help your students fine tune their technique after the lesson is over. This will not only make your students more prepared for the next lesson, but will make them more satisfied with your services, and thus more likely to refer you. 

Gear Advice

Many new or intermediate guitar players are full of questions about the latest gear available for their instrument, so being able to offer some advice on which hot pieces of gear are worth buying gives you a big leg up on the competition. On your ads, be sure to mention that you offer gear advice in addition to your professional (gigging) experience, as this will give your advice credibility along with your musical skill. For an additional bonus, giving your advanced students access to some of your own high quality gear will undoubtedly add to their experience, but be sure to monitor them closely. 

Guitar Tune-Ups

Many students simply drop off their guitar at a music shop to get tuned up, without knowing exactly what goes on. Teaching students how to perform basic maintenance will add value to your lessons, and increase their level of engagement. Skills like string changing, bridge adjustment and truss rod adjustment are all fundamental skills that are easy to teach but can add serious value to your lessons. More advanced skills that can be fun to teach are intonation and hardware replacement, and offering these skills can bring in much more money than a classic sit-down-and-play type lesson. 

These days, it is imperative to set your guitar lessons apart from the pack as unique and offering fun and useful skills to new players. Noting on your ads that you are able to provide these skills to your students is the perfect way to increase not only the number of students you teach, but also the quality and price of your lessons. 

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