Tips For Preparing Your Home For A New Baby

Bringing home a new baby is a big deal, and you want to make sure that your home is ready for them when they arrive. There are several things that parents do to prepare for a baby, such as getting the nursery ready and buying baby items, but there are often less thought of things that you should be doing in your home as well. This article will discuss 3 important tips for preparing your home for a new baby. 

Rent A Carpet Cleaner And Clean Your Carpets

Your carpets are likely much dirtier than you may think, and you will find this out when you clean them. Renting a carpet cleaner from a company like Quality Vac & Sew is a great option and more affordable than purchasing a carpet cleaner. There are also several different types of machines that you can rent, depending on what kind of carpet you have.

If you have never cleaned your carpets before, it is a good idea to go over them more than once. This is especially important in the nursery where your baby will be spending so much of their time. 

Have Your Home Inspected For Mold

Mold is another huge concern for a newborn baby. While mold may not effect you personally, it could do much more damage to a baby who is still developing. The first step to checking for mold is going to be to look in obvious places. Check your bathroom, your closets, your windows, and any other areas where moisture can gather. If you find any mold in these areas, it should be tested by a professional. However, if you feel that you should have a more thorough mold inspection done by a professional, even if you don’t find any obvious mold, this is an excellent idea as well. 

Making Sure Your Fire Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms Are Working

While it is super important to make sure that your fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are working even when you don’t have a baby on the way, this is definitely an incredibly important time to check them and make sure. You will need that peace of mind when you place your baby in their crib each night to sleep. You can go through your home and test out each of these alarms. You can replace any batteries that need replaced, and if needs be, replace any alarms. 

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