Small Budget, Big Impact: Painting Your Way To A Decorating Do-Over

Are you tired of your decor? Do you thumb through decorating magazines wishing you had the budget to give your home an overhaul? Do you watch home improvement shows and wish that you, too, could give your living space a face lift? Well, guess what? You can and you don’t need a huge budget or an interior designer to help you. All you need is a little cash, a lot of imagination and a trip to your favorite paint store. Can’t believe it? Read on for some fabulous fixes for your decorating dilemmas.

Paint the walls

Painting your space is one of the easiest way to make a huge change on a small budget. Head out to your paint store and grab samples in the colors that appeal to you. Don’t be afraid of color. Smaller, darker spaces can be made to feel bigger with brighter, lighter shades of paint. Darker colors can help add texture and depth; perfect for a large room. If you really want a change, try to avoid all shades of white and beige. 

Too afraid to commit to a total room paint make-over? What about just one wall? Picking a bold accent color can make a statement without being overwhelming. One accent wall may be a good compromise for anyone too nervous to go all out with paint. 

Paint your accessories

If you aren’t willing (or aren’t able) to paint your walls, take a look at some of the other items in your space. Consider painting some of the following:

  • candlesticks
  • mason jars (which can become pretty vases or storage for pens, beauty tools or fireplace matches.)
  • lamps (Yes, even the shades!)
  • picture frames
  • toys (Yep, painted toys are great conversation pieces and visually interesting.)
  • plates, platters and trays (Grouped together on shelves or hanging on walls.)

Don’t forget to dig in closets and storage bins for items you may not be using. A fresh coat of paint may be all it needs to be the perfect item for your spruced up space.

Paint the furniture

If you don’t want to paint the walls, but painting some accessories doesn’t create enough change for you, then the solution is clearly painting the furniture. When you think of your space, what colors to you see? Is there a hue in a pillow or throw blanket you’d like to play up? Bookshelves, tables, chairs, fireplaces, media units, even cabinets can all be painted to change the look of the room. Be sure to note the material you’re planning to paint so you can talk to your paint store about the best way to go about successfully giving your furniture a makeover. You may need to sand and/or prime it first and you’ll want to know that before you paint or your makeover will be underwhelming.

You can do any or even all of the painting mentioned here. Don’t buy into the idea that you need a big budget and a designer to make a change. Some paint and some creativity can go a long way to making your space everything you’ve dreamed of.

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