Dating a battered wife Heed my warning when dating an abused woman!

Dating a battered wife

She gives her all and only wants the same in return.

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Let me tell you guys, if you get involved with a woman who wives anything about being abused in the past, RUN!!!!!! So I pity the poor bast!

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I called her every name in the book and explained to her what I thought she was suffering from. These women have very low self esteem, regardless of how beautiful they are, or how successful they are, they don't like themselves as people. Do you already have an account? Just like wowiehowie said, when I would go to her house I never knew which Chris I was getting, good Chris or bad Chris.

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We hang up, I call her a month to see if she got the promotion she put in for, I get one word answers. I'm 39, have a dream job in the music industry, no kids, own a beautiful home, and have no baggage.

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X Your are following this author! Not oncebut twice.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Just make sure you get away from the blast and cover up before you are in longterm like Wyldfire talks about.

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Oct 25, Messages: You need to know that she will be scared. I could've taken your name off of that story and slapped mine on there and never known the difference.

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Tell her I'll never call her again. You will see her put her head down and try to drown out the noises. Now, this doesn't mean you go crawling back to them and subject yourself to the same behavior patterns.

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DonJuanMonkNov 17, Told her that those two deserved each other and that he was a sick F for treating her that way and she was a sick F for going back to that. What I don't get is she is a stone cold 9, she's gorgeous, and this guy is a "0".

Broke up yet again and I told her does dating advice work go the F away and never dating me again.

So, I basically knew that continuing any dating with her would be completely futile. She snapped back, "well thank you very much for the warning!

She called me up after 2 dates with him in hysterics, we talked for a week and I stupidly went back with her. Yes, my password is: Share This Page Tweet.

Follow this author Please register to follow this and other puckermob writers Register With E-mail: And then it continues, battered wife though he promised it would never happen again. Don't do what Legal dating age oregon did!

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I started dating a girl that Dating a non goth dated a long time ago.

I strongly believe that this girl has strong Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms. This all went down in Februaury, and I've been in two other relationships since then with two drop dead gorgeous women, yet this thing keeps haunting me for some reason.

FuturisticNov 17, Heed my warning when dating an abused woman! At the very end I couldn't take it anymore, and let out all my pent up anger and frustration.

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I've learned not to take things personally when in fact they are not your fault. WyldfireNov 17, Sounds like yet another sad case of Stockholm Syndrome.