Dating 6 months not in love If You're Not Saying 'I Love You' After Six Months, Move On

Dating 6 months not in love

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It took a broken engagement to the wrong guy to realize that I needed to sit with that "love" feeling a lot longer before saying it, because my heart often out-paced my head. I honestly cannot complain about any aspect of our relationship or anything about him. I thought about it way too much, which is probably why it took me so long!

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I'm very affectionate and caring and I do like him a lot, and I think he would be really really surprised and hurt to learn that I don't actually love him. Did I feel so in love so fast with my exes because I was younger and less mature?

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But datings of us just stay in something "good" for too long, hoping it will eventually blossom into something mind-blowing. Now, this theory of high standards has to apply to yourself as well--don't settle for a mediocre version of yourself if you want to attract an amazing mate.

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Go to mobile site. This piece was originally run on The Good Men Project: The love could be there; he may just not be ready to say it yet.

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It was a few months later when we had a fight and I was alone in our bedroom and though "why am I even with him? Breaking up with him would be upsetting but I don't think I would describe myself as 'heartbroken' not 'devastated' and my sisters said that's not normal after 6 months.

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You weren't really "in love" earlier, those super young relationships are infatuation. He was amazing, i loved spending time with him but I always felt certain he had deeper feelings than I had.

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Please read the Wiki before posting or commenting. This relationship feels really different. Ages, genders and relationship length required! Do not encourage month or criminal behavior, even as a free hookup service. Please report comments that you feel are in violation of these guidelines to keep discussions constructive.

He fell for me hard and he was totally sweet and treated me really well.

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When everything clicks, there is very little doubt in your mind. They stay in something "ok" for months and even years on end, preferring the safety of mediocrity to the angst of loneliness. Talking to you about his day may also be a sign that he loves you.

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If you're not saying aloud or at least to yourself "I love you" to your mate in six months or less, hit the "next" button. But I want to love him, and I would be crazy to let such an amazing man go when we have zero problems. My sisters told me that if I don't love him now, I probably never will. It sounds to me like you're still looking for that intense rush we all feel in a new relationship. We do not allow vote manipulation. Original post cannot be on the front page or within 48 hours.