I am not interested in dating anyone Not Interested in Dating? Why It’s Normal to Feel This Way

I am not interested in dating anyone

Maybe because I have friends that are so awesome that I've never felt like a third wheel, but also because I don't mind taking my time.

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LW, I think that you should consider getting new friends. A lesson I've learned in the murky field of dating in my twenties: In that case, it might be helpful to find out who you really are and maybe take a shot at finding out why.

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I'm aware that all this keeping to myself is not necessarily typical of people my age, especially when I have no religious reasons or personal beliefs stopping me from dating. GatorGirl April 3, A date does not need to lead to a relationship or a long-term commitment. I love seeing my friends in deep relationships, and sometimes I wonder what that would really be like, but I am comfortable being alone, and have accepted that I am unlikely to have a life partner at this point.

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I mean, it would be nice. If you want a drama-free life, then not dating might be the answer for you.

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Dump these people and date only if YOU want to. Stonegypsy April 3,9: Quite an assertion to make I know, yet it is one that requires honest introspection into your characteristics and mannerisms.

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Two of the hardest things? If I happen to meet someone there, then it will be a lucky coincidence, not because I sat through the world's most boring book club dating site in navi mumbai make eyes at someone.

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All the other people perfectly okay with being in your situation did not come to C-D and create a thread about it. It is a totally reasonable option and choice. But sometimes it is.

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It is not a commitment, not for a half an hour or a lifetime. How to Develop Powerful Ones Which Last — kunming dating learn how to build healthy platonic relationships worth fighting for.

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They love their jobs, their pets, their home, their parents, siblings and life in general. Is personal gain and self-fulfillment the main goal?

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